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Higher Wages | Better Benefits

Higher Wages | Better Benefits

Because you WORK HARD!


Every day, hard-working employees in our district spend 40+ hours every week benefiting their employer and growing the economy. The median household income for the 4th is $53,036 -- $6,003 less, or 10% lower, than the national average. Families in the first coast and across our country are living paycheck to paycheck. They pray that they do not get laid off and lose their health insurance. Christopher Eagle will fight to save the middle class.
In 2017, Amazon paid ZERO federal income tax through tax credits and tax breaks. How much did you pay in federal income taxes that year? As your congressman, I will write and support legislation that has companies and individuals making billions pay their fair share. With this money, we can afford to expand medicare to all, raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, and create a better and brighter future for our children. Too long we have been divided by those who benefit from giant tax breaks and exorbitant wealth. We must come together to build a strong middle class and lift up those from poverty in our community and country. My biggest commitment is to making your paycheck bigger and your benefits better -- all I need is your vote!

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Criminal Justice Reform

I have always held the belief that the justice system should be just that -- Just. We need to have fair laws that protect victims as well as stop excessive punishment in our penal system. I am committed to reforming our criminal justice system while funding resources to help victims and prevent future crimes.

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Cannabis Law Reform

It is about time we legalize and tax marijuana for recreational purposes. Alcohol and cigarettes have been proven to be far more harmful than cannabis, and yet they are available on every gas station shelf. I will vote to allow marijuana for recreational use by adults 21+ and expand medical marijuana for suffering patients. 

K-12 Education

Our public schools are in dire need of repair. Teachers are paid so little they resort to working two or three jobs. Students are not given the resources they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. I vow to reinvest in our public schools by taxing our state's largest corporations. We cannot trust for-profit companies to run charter schools that can shut down without a moment's notice and waste our tax dollars. If I am elected as your congressman, I will support vocational training in schools and getting our kids ready for college through a cost-effective method. No one should profit from a child's education other than the child.

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Tuition-free College

The amount of student loan debt in America is 1.5 trillion dollars. It is unacceptable that our young people are being kept from buying homes and starting families because they earned an education. High school grads from wealthy families are able to go to school with no issue. I will not punish our poorer and working class citizens for pursuing the American dream. It is time we invest in education and not billionaires.  (Read More)

Ending Racial Discrimination

The mix of cultures in our country is unlike anywhere else in the world. Since the founding of America, people from all over the world have come here to create a better future. Racists in our country have a bigger platform than ever with the internet, radio, and cable news. Hate speech and hate crimes are rising. A true democracy cannot function when we hate our neighbor. As your congressman, I will fight to make this country look like the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  (Read More)


A recent study from CNN Health found that 60% of all bankruptcies in America are caused by medical bills. The same study found that 3/4 of those that go bankrupt actually have insurance. While families suffer, the healthcare industry rakes in billions. Pharmaceutical companies and private hospitals raise prices on life-saving treatment just because they can. Profiting off the sick is immoral and has no room in our great country. 

A single-payer system like all other developed nations will work in the United States. No one in this country should have to choose between insulin and a car payment. No husband with a terminal condition should stop treatment to keep his family from going into debt. And above all, no corporation should make billions gambling on whether or not you get sick. We will be better.

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The destruction of our environment is not a partisan issue. We all live on this planet and we need to take care of it. I will vote for clean energy and regulating our nation's largest polluters. Investing in solar will create thousands of jobs here in the sunshine state. These will be safe and high-paying jobs unlike the dangers of coal mining or oil drilling. 

Our dependence on foreign oil is unnecessary and dangerous. We have the technology to power our planet and never use a drop of oil again. We can harvest safe and renewable energy here in America today.

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